Saturday, 29 November 2014

Eat Your Carrots

She's only two, she doesn't have many words, she only started putting them together into sentences a few weeks ago, but man can she argue! On Sunday she decided to take on the whole family to the fourth generation.
"Eat your carrots."
"Eat up your carrots; you know you like carrots."
"No like carrots, carrots yuckie."
"Carrots are good for you"
"I need ice cream."
"There'll be ice cream after you eat your carrots"
"Need ice cream now." You wouldn't want to make me cry would you? — She didn't actually say that but you could tell she was thinking it. Time to bring out the big gun. 
"If you don't eat your carrots there won't be any ice cream."
Slowly, with a tear in her eye and  gulping back the lump In her throat, she raises a piece of carrot to firmly closed lips, at which point great-grandmother caves in — "That's not fair, don't make her eat it" — and the battle is lost.
Do you know what's the really annoying thing? She actually does like carrots. She ate them on Saturday. She even asked for carrots on Monday.

Don't laugh. You have done it with God.
"I don't like what you are doing in my life."
"It's not fair."
"It's not good for me."
"No, I won't do what you say."
"Yuckie, I need ice cream."

Just eat your carrots.

Love you Lila, but more important, God loves you very very much.

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